What happens if you engage with a Facebook scammer?

What happens if you engage with a Facebook scammer?

A random “friend” on Facebook said I won $500,000.

Here’s what happened.

Wow! I’ve won a half-million dollars. At this point, any normal person would block this scammer, but I decided to reel him in.

At this point, suddenly the entire Messenger session disappeared. I checked the account’s profile, and it was deleted.

I figured that was the end of it, and started to make lunch.

A couple minutes later, I start receiving texts on my cell phone.

Okay, game on. We are going to a new level. I’ve got his phone number now. It turns out to be a Google Voice number, but that gives me an idea. Maybe I can mix things up a little if I start texting him out of the blue from a different number and pretend to be someone named “Bob”.

First, let’s establish communication again, then go quiet for a while.

Texting as David:


In the meantime, “Bob” starts fishing from my Google Voice number. I use the fake employee badge to set the hook.

Texting as “Bob”:




Meanwhile, the scammer starts texting David back, trying to play “Bob” as a threat.

Texting to David:

At that point, I quit texting as David and focused on the “Bob” angle. A few minutes go by and the scammer contacts “Bob”.

At that point I was bored and ran out of creative ideas. I assumed that if I broke off contact completely they’d go away. And…. I was wrong. I got texts and voice calls for the next week. I thought I wait and see how long they’d keep trying. After a week I blocked the number. It’s interesting to note that they never changed numbers, and blocking it was enough to stop the calls.

So, for your amusement – that’s what happens if you indulge a Facebook scammer for 90 minutes or so.